A La Motte, 1993

Bétacam SP, PAL, son, couleur

In this short black-and-white sequence, a white moth makes a hole in the stitches of a black knitted garment, allowing a white piece of fabric to show through underneath. A zoom out then shows the "moth-eaten" pullover. The play of textures is nicely contrasted by the very shaded tones used, thus stressing an interest in the material, which is scrutinised in close-up. The images are edited in a loop, then in mirror image, implying that the moth is "stitching" just as it "unstitches", with very delicate gestures : part lacework, part destruction. This visual game accentuates the endless nature of the task presented : like Sisyphus, the garment is knitted and unravelled, echoing daily repetitions or automatic movements. Is the insect working like a woman's fingers? Or is this inoffensive insect her enemy?
A whole series of videos revisit works relating to sewing and knitting, as accompaniments to scenes knitted by the artist.

Patricia Maincent
Translated by Anna Knight