Born in 1933 in (United States)
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Web sites DAVIS
Web site of and about Douglas Davis.
The World's First Collaborative Sentence
with the collaboration of the Lehman College Art Gallery, New York; the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (United States), courtesy of Barbara and Eugene M. Schwartz.
The World's First Collaborative Visions of the Beautiful
with the collaboration of the George Waterman III collection, co-sponsorised by P.S.1, New York / The Institute of Contemporary Art, New York (United States); Herbert F. Johnson Museum, the Cornell University, Ithaca (United States); Municipal Art Gallery, Reykjavík (Iceland); Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (Poland).

Serie of 4 conferences under the title "The Content of Cyberspace" by Douglas Davis and Susan Flynn-Hummel in the New School University's Swayduck Auditorium, 65, 5th Avenue, New York (United States).
The conferences must be finished with an interactive dialog with the students and the public, as well as video conference with others members of the university (with the collaboration of the Parsons Digital Design Department).