Lip Sync, 1969

NTSC, sound, black and white

Bruce Nauman's face appears in a very tight close-up, his head tilted back and wearing a head-set that cuts him off from the sounds of the outside world. His murmuring gets louder as it goes on repeating the words "Lip Sync" then "Sync Lip", deafening space with a heart-beat rhythm. The words - whispered, repeated, trapped in a fixed shot and coming forth from a cavernous mouth – are liberated into the atmosphere to return to the spirit. This movement, which turns sound into an object, flows towards an oscillation – from synchronisation to desynchronisation, from thought to language, from the mind to bodily impulsion. It is a spiralling movement, taking us from the interior to the exterior, from ideas to the surface of things.

Stéphanie Moisdon