Loup-Loup, 1992

PAL, sound, colour

Although the videos, Orange sanguine, Loup-Loup and I Love Mikey, are not explicitly described as part of a series, the same process of conception and production inspires them all.
They are jointly signed by Serge Comte and Philippe Dorain, the latter being the tenebrous avatar and mysterious double of the former.
Illustrating Serge Comte's definition of "safe at home", the three films were made in an intimate atmosphere, with amateur means like the cam recorder.
They were made following an identical procedure: filmed from an almost fixed position with a simple and short screenplay and a misty vagueness surrounding the disguised main character.

In an interview with Bernard Joisten for Purple Prose in 1995, Serge Comte clearly explained his intention: " [They] are usually portraits with the tiniest movements of the face. I realised that [with] Orange sanguine I could dream up a spectator who didn't make any attempt to listen, but who was content simply to look at the images in a vague manner, without any concentration. On the other hand, some are conceived as the means to fulfil a desire, an urge. A person needs to posses this video. And, in the same way as he/she decides to sunbathe on the balcony or take a cold drink from the fridge, he/she plays the cassette in the video machine. It's a domestic decision." 1

Loup-Loup was filmed in the same manner as Orange sanguine, with a fixed shot framing a face with a black velvet mask. The voice has been electronically modified.
The story's recounting differs from its content – the confession of a murder – but the process of narration remains the same, that of a fictional confession.
The character played by Serge Comte delivers, in a precious language, more details about the reasons for his act than on what he felt. He reveals the gratuity of the murder and the feeling of well being that the act engenders without necessarily wanting to repeat the experience. He finishes by noting the ever-present risk of killing or being killed.

Loup-Loup is the virtually identical counterpart of Orange sanguine, with the same sense of minimalist scene setting and the exploration of the director's intimate and phantasmagorical universe.
Serge Comte's work is imbued with the principle of lightness and superficiality (in the sense of exploring the surface), like a charming form of disengagement from the principle of reality and the vanity of seeing a hypothetical depth within the world.

Laetitia Rouiller

1. Interview with Bernard Joisten, Purple Prose, number 9, April 1995.